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ECS 251, Florida International University, 11200 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, 33199, USA

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Last update: 6/17/2015

Yexi Jiang is currently a Research Scientist at the News Feed Integrity team of Facebook Inc., working on optimizing the quality of user engagement in news feed.

Besides, Yexi Jiang also engages in Open Source as a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is a PMC member and committer of the BSP-based distributed computing framework - Apache Hama, mainly working on the distributed machine learning module.

Yexi Jiang received his Ph.D. from Florida International University under the supervision of Prof. Tao Li. Before that, he received B.E. and M.S. from Sichuan University, under the supervision of Prof. Changjie Tang. During the summer of 2014, he was a summer intern at Facebook, working with David Vickrey and Jie Xu on personalized news feed ranking. While in the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013, he was a research intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, supervised by Charles Perng, Anca Sailer and Ignacio Silva-Lepe, working on data mining application on cloud system management. During March to July of 2009, he was a full-time intern at Microsoft Research Asia, supervised by Lead Researcher Min Chu, working on Office user behavior mining.

Yexi Jiang's research interests includes Temporal Data Mining, Distributed Data Mining, Intelligent Cloud, and Semantic Web. You can find more details about him from his Resume.


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